Annapolis Reunion Report

Dick Pettingill

With all the i's dotted, and the t's crossed, plans for the Annapolis reunion have fallen nicely into place, and as your host, I predict that you will have a wonderful time! Transportation around the city is a breeze, and couldn't be easier, since the Circulator Trolley stops right across the street from the hotel. The city of Annapolis lives up to its name as the "Athens of America" you can sightsee to your heart's content - as it will delight you with its wide range of tours, restaurants, shops, historical museums and more. Also planned: a late afternoon boat tour of the harbor, and a tour of the Naval Academy on Thursday. Registering early for reunion helps us in the final planning stages. The reunion reservation form is on the Reunion 2017 page and our Treasurer, James Rapson has assured me that once again, he will take deposits and payments. Everything you need to make your hotel reservation is also on the reunion page. Please make them early! All in all, we are shipshape and ready to sail! - Dick

Want to learn about "Tin Cans"?

We are proud members of an elite group of veterans.  All of us have served on those fighting ships called "tin cans".  They're called "tin cans" because of their thin skinned hulls.  Built very quickly during World War II (and earlier), these ship were designed to be fast and deadly to the enemy.  Equipped with many guns and torpedoes, the destroyer was to "go in harms way".  They were expendable.  Many were sunk or damaged with much loss of life.  Our pride is in one of those "cans" called the USS Fiske.  It began its life as a destroyer (DD), later became a radar picket destroyer (DDR), and then returned to the DD classification.  She ended her career with the Turkish navy in the 90's.  To learn more about our ship, click the Ship's History button you see off to port.

A closer look at a "Tin Can"...

The Fiske, DD842, and J. P. Kennedy, DD850 were built from almost the same plans.  While our sister-ship survived, the Fiske did not.  The Kennedy is currently at Battleship Cove, MA serving as a museum ship.  A crew of volunteers are rebuiling her to the original configuration she, and the Fiske, had while serving together.  We've gathered pictures from the Kennedy that just as easily could have been taken of the Fiske. 

USS JPKennedy DD850Click the picture to visit the Fiske/Kennedy Pictures page. The Kennedy has a very extensive web site and there are many picturers available of the JPK from the laying of its keel to present day.  Here is the link that will take you to this site:

Attention Fiske Shipmates!

Following is a letter received from John Fraser

I just received the latest Fiske Newsletter. It seems to be missing several IMPORTANT parts!! I have wondered, over the years, about the cost, in terms of labor, member willingness, postal service costs, and extra effort how the association could afford it. It seems too that members' with the several donations to other outfits and associations that there could be a shortage of funds. In my humble opinion, our officers have managed to keep the association in great financial shape! I thank all extra efforts in this regard. I also especially congratulate our Treasurer for better than outstanding services on our behalf. Unfortunately I also have to agree with Sandie that for the last several years there has been a decline (due to demise of active members as well as other causes) in member willingness to step up and honor our commitments. Every one has their reasons for whatever they will or will not do. I was, as most of you, a member of Fiske when she was a CAN-DO Can. FISKE CAN DO WHAT OTHERS ONLY THINK ABOUT! It seems that the solution can include an increase in the association Dues, even to the extent of doubling. Also, if those members that have not paid their dues for a number of years (to be determined by the Assocation) were dropped from the rolls, that might help with the expense incurred by keeping them.

Tin Can & Fiske Tales

Fiske History

'Tin Can' is the story of one ship that served for 35 years. The late author Tom Clancy had one of his characters say in one of his early techno-thrillers, “If I don’t write something down it never happened.” We choose to take that to mean that is if something isn’t recorded and passed on it may as well have never happened. It is for that reason that this work came into being. We believe that the small stories contained within these pages have as much importance as the ‘Big’ histories that are written. History is so much more than places and dates, winners and losers. It is the lives of those that were ‘there’ that make our history. Their stories add texture and detail to the broad tapestry of history. They are presented as we received them. They are their ‘stories’ as they lived them. I believe every word to be the truth as it was perceived and remembered by those that wrote them. The subtitle of this endeavor, an ‘Incomplete History of the USS Fiske DD/DDR 842’, simply means that it is not and probably never can be complete. Too much time has gone by, too many of us have passed on and too many documents lost. Any errors of fact are mine alone. G. E. Beyer Association Historian USS Fiske (DD/DDR 842) Association

This book can be ordered from Amazon. Navigate your web browser to and in the Search box type the following: an incomplete history of the uss fiske This should take you to the page where the book is for sale at $11.95.  All royalties from sales of this book will go to the USS Fiske Association.  And, there will be a supply of the book for sale at the reunion.

The Tin Can Navy

To lean more about destroyers, click the link that follows to visit our sister organization, Tin Can Sailors.  To see what's going on in today's navy, click the link that follows: NAVY.COM.

I am an American sailor

Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Earnest Borgnine served during WW 2 on a "Tin Can" and is a member of Tin Can Sailors. He has appeared in a short video telling the world what it means to be a United States Navy Sailor. Click HERE to see the video. Close the video window when done.

General Information about Ships

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Member Dues Notice

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Lost At Sea

We have lost contact with a number of shipmates.lost at sea Please click the life-preserver to open a listing of members we'd like to contact.

The list is in state order to make it easier to study. Have info on one or more of these guys?? Send an e-mail to to help us out.